The project is led by Leanne McCormick (UU) Principal Investigator and Elaine Farrell (QUB) Co-Investigator.

The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

Dr Leanne McCormick

Leanne read history at University of Cambridge where she also completed a PGCE in History. She taught history at schools in India and Edinburgh before completing a PhD at the University of Ulster. She held a post-doctoral position in the Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland (CHOMI) before being appointed to her present position as Lecturer in Modern Irish Social History in 2009.  She is also Director of the Centre for the History of Medicine (CHOMI) at Ulster University.

Dr Elaine Farrell

Dr Elaine Farrell

Elaine Farrell is a graduate of University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast. 2010-11, she held the position of Lecturer in Modern Irish History at Queen’s University Belfast  and was an Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) Post-doctoral Research Fellow at University College Dublin, 2011-2012.  She took up her current position as Lecturer in Irish Economic and Social History at Queen’s University Belfast in September 2012.

Dr Leanne Calvert

Dr Leanne CalvertLeanne received her PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast, in 2015. Her thesis, which was entitled ‘Love, life and the family in the Ulster Presbyterian community, 1780-1844’ charted the experiences of the Presbyterian family from the cradle to the grave. Five main areas were examined: Courtship, Marriage, Parenthood, Youth and Adolescence, and Widowhood. Aspects of her PhD has been published in Women’s History Review, Analecta Hibernica  and Journal of Family History.

Before joining the Bad Bridget team, Leanne taught history at Queen’s University, Belfast, as a teaching assistant and lecturer, and worked on a number of history research projects. A public history project on Ulster Women and Women’s History at Queen’s University, Belfast, is due to go live later this year.