Dr Elaine Farrell and Dr Leanne McCormick presented at the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, Hofstra University, New York, 1-4 June 2017.

Together with Dr Ciara Breathnach (University of Limerick), Dr Laura D. Kelley (Tulane University) Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley (NUI Galway), Dr Jennifer Redmond (Maynooth University) and Dr Laura E. Kelly (University of Strathclyde), they contributed to a panel on ‘Irish women, Religion, Respectability, Migration and the City, 1850-1980‘.


Big Berks panel
(L-R) Dr Jennifer Redmond, Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley, Dr Elaine Farrell, Dr Leanne McCormick, Dr Ciara Breathnach and Dr Laura Kelly

Further information on the ‘Big Berks’ conference can be found here: https://2017berkshireconference.hofstra.edu/